Supporting a healthy gut is critical for your pet. This is because, the gut plays a crucial role in the health, metabolism, immune function, behaviour and overall wellbeing of our pets.

ActiGut uses scientifically proven natural ingredients to strengthen the gut barrier and microbiome with additional anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Be proactive, use ActiGut.


At Acti-Petfoods Ltd, we focus on cutting-edge, scientifically proven nutritional technology to protect your pet’s gut health and support their immune system.

Our products are all about promoting a long-term healthy gut, because a healthy gut means a healthy pet. We use natural, high efficacy ingredients so you know your pet is getting the best.

To ensure high quality, our products are developed and manufactured in Ireland in collaboration with leading veterinarian and microbiological researchers.

What is AuraGuard?

ActiGut uses AuraGuard technology developed by Auranta. Founded in 2013, Auranta is a pioneering Irish bio-tech company which develops cutting-edge nutritional technologies for the intestinal health of animals. Their technology has helped millions of animals world-wide.

Scientifically proven to increase levels of good bacteria, such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium.

This helps balance the gut microbiome, reduce prolonged inflammation and prevents intestine infection and digestive upset.


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