Who Are ActiGut?

We are an evidence-based pet nutrition company

Acti-Petfoods was founded based on a long-time love of pets and a desire to bring scientifically proven nutritional solutions to the petfood market. With professional backgrounds in animal nutrition and health as well as owning dogs themselves, the founders came together and Acti-Petfoods was born to create and bring to the market a range of exciting supplements that will not only reward your dog but support its long term health and wellbeing.

The importance of gut health is extremely important and having seen the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut, the first product, ActiGut was born. ActiGut brings together a unique blend of functional ingredients including AuraGuard from the award winning company Auranta all of which are scientifically proven to positively support gut health. Combined with your pets’ favourite flavours we’ve created a supplement that dogs love, and so does their gut.

ActiGut is not your basic dog supplement.


Our veterinary professionals witnessed time and time again the ongoing damage of bacterial imbalance within dog’s intestines, and we want to change that. We realise that your pets are your family and you want the best for them. Our products are completely backed by science and developed with leading experts including veterinarians, bacteriologists, virologists, microbiological researchers and university partners.

With 7 years of research, world-leading experts and cutting-edge technology
ActiGut is committed to the optimum health of your dog.

At ActiGut, we focus on cutting-edge, scientifically proven nutritional technology to protect your pet’s gut health and support their immune system.

Profile Portrait of adorable Shiba inu male standing in the grass in summer time.

Auranta & AuraGuard Technology

Auranta is a world-leading biotech company founded in Ireland.

Since 2013, they’ve been on a mission to reduce the need for antibiotics in livestock production by developing scientifically proven all-natural Eubiotics. Auranta products have helped over 1,000,000 animals to date, from chickens, to cows, to household pets.

Auranta have adapted their technology to aid the immune and digestive systems of your pets, known as AuraGuard, which we use in our ActiGut products.

AuraGuard is specifically designed for dogs and cats and is scientifically-proven to benefit your pet.


Our team are happy to help with any questions you might have about us, our products or pet health